Center for Environmental Risk Assessment

Center for Environmental Risk Assessment


Promote and enhance environmental risk assessment research and educational activities at Colorado School of Mines. By bringing diverse interdisciplinary expertise to expand fundamental knowledge related to any aspect of environmental risk assessment, the center facilitates the development of significantly improved, scientifically based approaches for estimating human and ecological risks associated with exposures to anthropogenic and natural environmental chemicals and processes. 

Areas of Expertise

  • Exposure assessment
  • Hazard identification, fate and transport
  • Hazard mitigation, remediation schemes
  • Dermal absorption
  • Drinking water and waste water treatment
  • New technologies and management strategies
  • Methods for risk reduction
  • Toxicological investigations
  • Models of toxic effects
  • Analytical technique development
  • Nano materials: methods of detection and aquatic toxicity
  • Statistics


Dr. Christopher Higgins