CERA People


  • Christopher Higgins, Director
    • Impacts of nanomaterials on contaminant bioavailability
    • Environmental organic chemistry
    • Bioaccumulation processes and bioavailability of chemicals in sediments
    • In vitro and in silico assays of contaminant bioaccumulation
    • Chemical fate and transport processes in natural and engineered aquatic systems
  • Annette Bunge, Assistant Director
    • Dermal absorption
    • Exposure assessment
    • Pharmacokinetic modeling
  • James Ranville
    • Role of colloids and particles in environmental processes
    • Development and application of size separation methods
    • Isolation and characterization of natural organic matter
    • Characterization and ecotoxicology of engineered nanoparticles
  • Bettina Voelker  
    • Biogeochemical cycling of toxic and nutrient metals
    • Photochemistry and free radical chemistry in aqueous environmental systems

Postdoctoral Researchers & Research Faculty

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

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